jéco 2016

I am the Chair of the Economics Section at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon where I hold a full professorship, and a researcher within the GATE research lab. I am also an Associate Editor of the academic journal International Tax and Public Finance, a senior fellow of the CESifo research network, and a co-organizer of the PPD@ENSLyon workshop series.

My main research areas are applied micro and public economics, with a special focus on how to design redistributive policies to fight income and wealth inequalities in a world where rich households and firms can threaten to vote with their feet.

I was an expert for the French Court of Auditors (Cour des Comptes), more specifically for the “Conseil des Prélèvements Obligatoires”. I am a member of the scientific council of the Journées de l’économie, an event promoting the diffusion of academic knowledge, organized each year in November.

I hold a PhD in Economics from EHESS in Paris and the University of Cambridge (within the European Doctoral Group in Economics) and was a postdoc at MIT and Vanderbilt University. I worked abroad for 10 years, in the US, in Singapore, Sweden and Germany, before coming back to France in 2016. This is why I am also a “docent” in economics from Uppsala University, the docentur being the highest university degree in Sweden.