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1. Master 1 APE/RISE Public Economics
Chapter 0: Roadmap [here]
Chapter 1: Basic economic concepts for public economic [here].
Exercices on the general equilibrium [here] and their solution [here].
For duality theory, click there.
Chapter 2: Tax incidence [here]
Chapter 3: Deadweight Loss of Taxation [here]
Chapter 4: Optimal Commodity Taxation [here]

2. Diplôme de l’ENS de Lyon, 1ère année, Microéconomie
Chapter 0: Introduction
Chapter 1: The theory of the consumer [slides]
Chapter 2: The Theory of the producer [slideslecture notes]
Chapter 3: The General Equilibrium [slides(optional) assignment – solution]
Chapter 4: Introduction to Game Theory [slides]
Chapter 5: Static Games with Complete Information [slidesproblem set – solution]
Chapter 6: Dynamic Games with Complete Information [hereproblem set – solution]
Chapter 7: Static Games with Incomplete Information [slides – problem set – solution]

3. M2 APE, Evaluation of public policies

Chapter 1 [here]
Chapter 2 [here]
Slides of article on Deadweight Loss [here]